Residential Mold Decontamination

Dealing With Mold

Worried about mold somewhere in a building? Talk to the experts at Florida Mold Removal Specialists. Customers around the Sarasota area use our professional services to keep their properties in good shape, and to remediate any mold damage or water damage that occurs. Let us help you to resolve problems with water or mold growth at your property.

Handling Mold Problems

Essentially, when you have existing mold somewhere in a property, it's going to require professional mediation. Mold often starts as a small problem, after something like a burst pipe or overflowing appliance, and compounds itself when the tiny spores make their way through a space, or onto different building materials and surfaces. It can be hard to track the movement of mold, which is one reason to address it early and be vigilant about its growth. There’s also the cost factor, where mold gets much more expensive to remediate as it grows.

Mold can be a costly problem. Home insurance may not cover the mold buildup. It may be necessary to call third-party companies and get significant work done on the property to control and eradicate the mold that is there.

Mold can take cover in hidden spaces, or in between layers of materials. It can cause respiratory problems, especially for those with existing issues like allergy and asthma.

When professional companies discover mold on a property, they need to work fast to resolve the issue.

At Florida Mold Removal Specialists, we’re skilled in water mediation and mold handling. We know how to get moisture and dampness out of a building. We know how to remediate mold and replace damaged elements of a home. We work according to time-tested principles of mold remediation, including the practice of decontaminating HVAC systems and remediating any problems in the ductwork.

When mold threatens, call Florida Mold Removal Specialists for residential decontamination services in FL. We will be by your side to address any problems with mold buildup and to make sure your property is clean and sanitary, and all mold problems are corrected. Get peace of mind about an inundation or water leak at a property, or just get a routine inspection to make you feel better about a real estate investment. We’re there for you, to give you a clear picture of what’s happening with your property.